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Every day, hundreds of dogs suffer from neglect on the ends of chains in the backyards of Memphis. Some of those dogs will die waiting for help. All 4s Rescue League alleviates their suffering by providing food, shelter and other necessities, while educating owners and the general public about the sad reality of life on a chain.

What We Do

All 4s Rescue League makes contact with pets and their owners in their own homes. This allows us to assess need and form a plan of action on an individual basis. We are very proud of the positive impact we have on the lives of the pets and people we serve. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.

Adequate Shelter

Our primary focus is to help owners achieve compliance with local laws and ordinances as they pertain to their pets' care. A huge part of that is providing adequate shelter for pet owners who may not be able to do that themselves.  If you need a doghouse or know of someone that needs assistance please contact us here


There are a few ways to help with this initiative--you can donate the cost of a doghouse (average  $130), order one directly from one of our sources, or notify us if you or someone you know has a used doghouse. We are usually able to refurbish/recycle them if they are sound enough. We will arrange for pickup. 

As of September 2020 we have distributed 1335 doghouses. 

Door to Door

One of the things experience has taught us is that the pets in underserved neighborhoods will seldom have the opportunity to see a vet, even for basic care such as vaccinations or heartworm prevention, and we almost never come across dogs who have already been spayed or neutered.  We have been able to secure reasonable costs by partnering with several veterinarians' offices.  We will spay/neuter a dog or cat and provide all needed shots and deworming at a cost of between $110-$150.  Some of these pets will require a stay in boarding (for an additional fee) if the owner is not willing to keep the animal inside for recovery.  Please consider sponsoring a spay or neuter today!!

Reinforcing our Commitment

Our organization operates almost entirely from the donations of our supporters. You make our work possible.  However, it takes an amazing amount of "hands" to complete this mission. We always welcome volunteers to walk the streets with our team--there is no substitute for experiencing the plight of the animals in our area firsthand. The need here is so great, our rescue has grown exponentially and so has our need for help in other areas. If you are available to help us with transporting animals, administrative duties, grant writing, communications with pet owners, or just want to talk about other opportunities, please contact us. You can change a life in a few moments! Everyone has something to offer--call us today to find out how you can make a difference.

"But ask the animals and they will teach you..."

Job 12:7

Contact All 4s Rescue League

Get in touch with All 4s Rescue League if you need assistance with spay/neuter, doghouse, or supplies.  To learn more about our work and how you can get involved, please also submit an email below.

P.O. Box 384, Arlington, TN 38002


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P.O. Box 384, Arlington, TN 38002

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